Delayed flights can be bothersome, and the situation becomes worse if you are in a hurry and want to reach your destination as soon as possible. But sometimes, things are not in our control, and we have to struggle with such unfortunate conditions.

Those flying with Hawaiian might not get compensation, but the airline ensures rebooking and rescheduling to help passengers. Here are the details about Hawaiian Airlines delayed flight compensation policy.

Does Hawaiian Airlines Offer Delayed Flight Compensation?

Whether Hawaiian Airlines offers compensation for delayed flights depends on your destination and the circumstances of the delay. If you are not eligible for compensation, don’t worry; you can still request rebooking and other amenities, like ground transportation and hotel stays, under certain conditions.

If you are flying with Hawaiian Airlines and wondering what to do if your flights get delayed, this guide is for you. To avoid any last-minute hassle, find all the key highlights of the airline’s delayed flight compensation policy here.

What is Hawaiian Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation Policy?

Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing flight delays. So, if you are struggling with Hawaiian Airlines flight delays, it’s better to contact the airline and get reimbursements. Here’s what you need to know about the airline’s take on delayed flights.

  • The airline notifies passengers instantly about flight delays.
  • Hawaiian Airlines allows flight rebooking or rescheduling in a few simple taps.
  • The airline offers its guests a hotel room.
  • Accommodation will be provided if the flight is delayed by more than four hours between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • Be mindful that hotel accommodations should be limited to 24 hours and not cost more than the charge for one night’s lodging.
  • No accommodation will be offered if the passenger lives in the origin city.
  • Besides accommodation, the airline offers complimentary meals to the guests as compensation for delays.
  • You will get complimentary meals in certain conditions.
  • Travelers can also request free ground transportation from the airport to the hotel.
  • You can also request one long-distance telephone call or one 15-word telegram as compensation for flight delays when traveling with Hawaiian Airlines within the US.

Please Note: The airline fulfills its delayed flight commitments only if the flight is delayed under controllable circumstances. Hawaiian won’t offer anything if the flight is delayed due to bad weather or issues with airport traffic control.

Does Hawaiian Airlines Follow European Delayed Flight Regulations?

While Hawaiian Airlines isn’t a European carrier, it still follows European regulations whenever flying in Europe. Check the details here.

  • You will get an air delay refund of up to $650 per person for flights delayed by 3 hours or more.
  • This policy only applies to flights departing from a European airport, irrespective of your destination.
  • However, be mindful that you’ll receive Hawaiian Airline flight delay compensation only if the flight is delayed for controllable reasons.
  • No refund will be generated if the flight is delayed due to bad weather or air traffic.

How to Apply for Hawaiian Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation?

Now that you’ve got the basics of Hawaiian Airlines compensation policy for flight delays, let’s map out the instructions to apply for the same. All the compensation requests must be sent to the airline’s mailing address with a few important documents. Find the details here.

  • Write all the details about your delayed flight in a compensation request letter.
  • Menton the date, flight information, and other info.
  • Please attach the following documents with the letter to support your claim.
  • Tickets
  • Boarding Pass stubs
  • Expense Receipt (if any)
  • Once done, please send the letter via mail or at the following address

Hawaiian Airlines

Consumer Affairs office

P.O. Box 30008

Honolulu, HI 96820

Passengers can get further details about the compensation policy either at the ticket counter or over the phone.

Summing Up

That’s all about it. Flight delays can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the airline’s flight delay compensation policies. So, it’s better to understand if Hawaiian Airlines offers delayed flight compensation or not beforehand and act accordingly. For more details about the carrier’s policies, please call the customer agent and seek help.


What are “Controllable Delays”?

Controllable delays mainly refer to the delays caused by the airline. The reasons might include maintenance issues or strikes by the airline’s crew.

Can I fax my Hawaiian Airlines compensation request?

Yes, you can. Fax your compensation request at 808-838-6777 and get a quicker response.